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Psalm to be released on Richard Craig's upcoming CD, due 2014. A CD including a.o pieces by Kristian Ireland, James Dillon and Brice Paucet.

Performances of my music in Toronto, Montréal, Weimar, Cologne, Tel Aviv, Sweden, Finland musicians like Peter Veale, Seth Josel, Sergej Tchirkov, Niklas Seidl, Jens Ruland, Michael Schmid, Silje Aker Johnse, Yumi Murakami, Noam Bierstone, Chrisian Smith and many more (to be announced properly when I remember how to update and configurate correctly this webpage)

Première of 
Y for oboe, e-guitar & accordion (Peter Veale, Seth Josel & Sergej Tchirkov), 8 march 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Première of 
Strå. Strängar. Stängsel for percussion trio (Hidden Mother)
Première of 
Trio Kuarup, Kuarup A & B for percussion solo/trio.
Première of
Ax, strå for piano, percussion and electric guitar (Academy)

Commissions in progress

Solo piece for flautist Michael Schmid, première juli 2014, Tel Aviv, Israel.

piece for violinist Roberto Alonso Trillo for violin and tape, première tbc.

piece for violin and ensemble (Karin Hellqvist and Gagegoo!), première tbc




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